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Great Kids Party

Mike was punctual, professional and so much fun. He arrived early to set up and engaged the toddlers with their favorite songs. All of the little ones had so much fun dancing on his drums and strumming the ukulele. I would definitely recommend him for a fun festive party for your little ones!

                                                                                                 Lauren - Melville, NY (10/2018)

Great party!!!!

Mike was amazing!! He played everything we asked for and several different instruments. The kids loved when he played the banjo right next to them. Would definitely hire him again for another party!!!

                                                                                                    Samantha - Riverdale, NY (9/2018)

Great for children and adults alike!

We had “music mike” for our 1 yr olds Birthday and he was great! There were props for the kids, and Everyone enjoyed from ages 1- 75. When he wasn’t playing children songs he catered to the adults- everything from Wheels on the Bus to The Grateful Dead! He brought Everything he needed and it was so wonderful to just let him in and not have to worry about a thing! He was amazing!!

                                                                                                      Becky - New York City, NY (9/2018)

The best birthday party for our 5 year old!

We recently had Music Mike for our 5 year old's birthday party and it was awesome! We spoke at length before the party about my son, his love for music and what we wanted the party to feel like. Mike came and provided exactly what we talked about. The kids loved it and so did the adults! I would highly recommend!

                                                                                                              Amy - Westport, CT (8/2018)

Fantastic Kids Birthday Party

Mike helped me out last year providing entertainment for an event for a non-profit organization. He was easy to work with, pleasant and responsive and played great music so, I thought of him first this year when planning my children's birthday party. Once again, Mike was reliable, arrived before the event to set up, and everyone thought the music was great. He played songs for the kids and adults so everyone had a wonderful time. I didn't need to worry about anything with the entertainment which was a relief because I was busy with everything else. Everything was going so well that I asked him to stay for a third hour which he did. My two experiences with Mike were both awesome.

                                                                                                       Jennifer - Stamford, CT (8/2018)

entertainment for a 5th birthday party.

Mike did a wonderful job playing at my daughter's 5th birthday party and was a hit with the adults, as well! He played a wonderful mix of children's music and classic pop songs such as the Beatles. The drums were a big hit with the kids! Mike was responsive to my request, as it was fairly short notice and I had become concerned about finding someone in time.

                                                                                                           Lisa - New York City (7/2018)


We hired Mike to play music for our daughter's 3rd birthday party and we couldn't be happier - Mike literally made the party! Not only did all of the kids love Mike and have a wonderful time, but all of the adults did too (and needed to know how I found him)! He played the perfect mix of adult and children's songs, kept the kids engaged with wonderful music selections and fun props (drums, tambourines, scarves) and set a fabulous mood at the party from the minute he started playing. Prior to the party, Mike was extremely responsive, communicative, professional and pleasant. I would hire Mike without hesitation for another event (whether it is for kids, adults or both) and highly recommend him.

                                                                                                   Francesca - Wilton, CT (5/2018)

Perfect addition to our 2 year old's bday party!

Mike arrived to the house in plenty of time before the party to set up and get situated. He played for the scheduled time and then some! He brought drums and shakers and scarfs for the kids to play with and get engaged. Parents and kids alike were happy. He has a very calm, easy going demeanor that put the kids at ease. By the end of the party he was taking requests from parents too. :) I highly recommend Mike!

                                                                                                    Hayley - Purchase, NY (4/2018)

Children's Party Entertainment

We had a terrific experience with Music Mike who played for our son's 3rd birthday party. Mike's musical selection was perfect—fun and engaging for the kids and (it's true) the adults as well. 2&3 year old's unabashedly bopping atop gathering drums with shakers in hand is smile-inducing, as is spotting their adults singing along to tunes that adults know and like. It felt intimidated hosting a party with many toddlers and their parents whom we did not know well, but having Music Mike on hand was the perfect icebreaker and mood setter for a lively and fun occasion. He is kind, affable, and easy to work with; we could not have been more pleased. When asked about his recent birthday, our son has been exclaiming Music Mike's name first and foremost. The man left a lasting impression.

                                                                                             Senami - Greenwich Village, NY (3/2018)

Loved Music Mike for my 2-Year Old's Bday!

Mike performed at our house for mt daughter's 2nd birthday. He was amazing- the kids AND adults had a blast. If you are looking for music entertainment at your party you can't go wrong.

                                                                                  Kim - Fairfield, CT (2/2018)

Wonderful children's party entertainer!!

Mike performed at our daughter's 2nd birthday party and truly made the party. Our daughter is still talking about "Music Mike" from her party. He happily obliged our request for a mix of Beatles, Grateful Dead, and children's songs. He agreed to come last minute, was very accommodating, and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!!

                                                                                                Libby - Greenwich Village, NY (2/2018)

Top notch performer!!

We hired Mike for my son's 1st bday. We had heard good things and he certainly delivered. The way he keeps the party going and manages the flow of the party in general is amazing. His voice and guitar playing was out of this world. I'd highly recommend Mike and hope he's free in the future should we need him!

                                                                                    Sean - Hoboken, NJ (2/2017)


Mike is an incredible performer for both children and adults! He made our child’s first birthday a huge success. You absolutely should hire him for your next party.

                                                                                   Elyse - Brooklyn, NY (1/2018)

2nd Birthday Party & Christmas Party

Mike did a great entertainment for the party and he entertained not only kids but parents too. He sang for the party, indian song and Christmas songs, accompanying Santa till gift distribution. Keep it up👍

                                                                                                 Vassudha - Mamaroneck, NY (12/2017)

Mike was fantastic!

Mike provided the entertainment for my son’s 1st birthday party. There were about 16 kids ages 1 through 10. Each one of them had a great time, participated in the music, and loved the music props Mike brought along. The adults were equally as happy when Old McDonald would flow into a Billy Joel or Jack Johnson song! Mike was professional and a pleasure to work with. He helped contribute to a great party for all!

                                                                                        Jackie - Cresskill, NJ (10/2017)

Absolutely Perfect!!!

We hired Michael to preform at my son's second birthday party at my home. For the first part of the party he mainly catered to the children. For the second half of the party, during lunch, he played a wonderful set of family friendly music that both kids and adults all loved. My friends raved about it and it was a sincere pleasure to have him preform for everyone. You can't go wrong with Michael.

                                                                                       Jeff - Pleasantville, NY (10/2017)

Perfect addition to our party!

It was an absolute pleasure having Mike perform at our sons first birthday. He is kind, punctual, and an incredibly talented musician. He hplays a wide variety of music that's enjoyable for both children and adults. Mike brings props with him and the kids had a blast playing with the large drums and shakers. I'd highly recommend booking him!

                                                                               Gina - Verona, NJ (10/2017)

Music Mike a big hit!

I read great reviews about Music Mike and his music with kids. Took a leap of faith and hired him to play music for my 4 year old daughter's Trolls dance, hug, sing party. It was great for kids and adults alike. Lots of songs kids know....even "Let it Go"! It was nice to have live music for the adults/parents to mingle to as some people just meeting for the first time so a good distraction. He even worked in collaboration with my husband (a P.E. teacher) to do a musical hoops game for the kids which they loved. Mike was very easy going, flexible and a great musician.

                                                                                      Courtney - Trumbull, CT (9/2017)

First Birthday Party

Mike is the best! He was punctual, played kids and adult songs, took requests, and was such a great addition to our son's first birthday party! Would highly recommend!!

                                                                                   Allison - Plainview, NY (8/2017)


Mike performed at my daughters 1st birthday party. He was easy to communicate with prior to the party, giving me all the necessary details and answering questions I had. He had no problem playing for the duration of the party (took maybe 1 break in 3 hours) and played an array of music. He came with a ton of props (egg shakers, musical instruments, drums, scarves) for the young children to play with while he played a ton of current and classic childrens music. He also took time to play adult (classic rock) music for all of the adults at the party. I would definitely use him again! 2 of my friends already have signed up for their children's parties.

                                                                             Austin - Queens, NY (6/2017)

Made our sons first birthday a party for all!

Mike made my sons party an event that both the kids and adults absolutely loved! His ability to read the room so that he plays a mix of kids and adult tunes depending on what's happening is amazing. The kids were dancing and playing while the adults felt like they were at a nice chill concert. He is so sweet and we are so glad that he'll be a part of the memories for us!

                                                                      Stefani - New York City (4/2017)

Great time with Mike

We invited Mike to play for our baby shower - a casual, family event that had adults and kids. It made the event so nice to have live music. We were so appreciative Mike drove to Connecticut for our party even with fairly significant snowfall. Definitely recommend for a family friendly event.

                            Ines - Greenwich, CT (1/2017)

Great for kids!

Mike was fabulous for my sons first birthday. He arrived prior to party to make sure all was ready (Microphone and speakers) for when people arrived and came with plenty of props, (drums, scarves, hand bells) that thoroughly kept the kids engaged for the entire party! I highly recommend him for your next event.

                                                   Laura - Easton, CT (3/2017)


Mike was easy to prepare with, flexible in a way that was helpful for our program, and musically talented.

                                                                                                     Jason - TriBeca (11/2016)

Great energy. Very talented. Kids loved him

By Ilona G. on October 21, 2016

Mike arrived early to set up for our son's 2nd birthday. He brought with him a variety of guitars, including a banjo! We had several kids of different ages, and he played a variety of songs to satisfy them all (added bonus - he played a couple of songs for the adults). We highly recommend him for your kid parties.

Awesome musician!!

Mike just performed at our twin daughters' 1st birthday and thoroughly impressed everyone - both the adults and the children had a great time and loved the music, which is exactly what we wanted. Mike has a huge set list full of classic children's songs as well as contemporary songs adults could enjoy (Beatles, the Cure, etc) - he even played an Indian song, which my family particularly enjoyed! He brought along many props and music instruments for the kids to play with and was able to interact with and engage the children very well. Several people asked for his contact info, which we passed along. We weren't sure if we really needed to hire entertainment for a 1 year old's birthday party but we had seen Mike perform at a friend's party and knew as soon as we heard him that we had to hire him immediately - we booked him 7 months in advance and are so glad we did! We highly recommend him for any type of party!

Liza - Garden City, NY

3 year old birthday fun!

Mike provided a wonderful enhancement to our 3 year old son's birthday party. We were seeking something "special" to add to our standard family/friend gathering at our house and this was perfect! Mike is comfortable interacting with kids and adults, going with the flow of the party, and is super patient with the really little ones touching his instruments and running all around. He is very relaxed and easy to work with. I recommend his services!

                                        Gia - Trumbull, CT

Outstanding party entertainment!

I hired Music Mike for my son's 1st birthday party after reading so many great reviews (i had never seen him in person before!). He was above and beyond my expectations! We had a large crowd of babies, toddlers and adults and everyone LOVED him! The kids were so engaged and enjoyed every minute dancing, singing along and playing on the big drums he brought with him. The adults loved that he played music they knew, too!! I would definitely hire him again - both for a kid's party as well as an adult-only party! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

                             Samira - Bridgeport, CT

Used Mike and we couldn't be happier

My wife and I started planning our sons birthday party and quickly realized we had no idea how to entertain 25 1 - 3 year olds without it devolving into total chaos. Fortunately we happened to be talking to a friend one day who had just come from another toddler party and was telling us how wonderful the entertainer we're talking Mike walked by lugging his instruments, toys, etc and we were smart enough to ask for his card. We booked him a few days later (using the gigsalad site to book made it incredibly easy) and the rest is history. I was originally hoping he'd play for an hour or so (we asked him to start at 3:30 for a party that went from 3 - 6) but he showed up early, started playing to welcome our guests as they arrived and played until after 5:30. Everyone loved him, the kids had a ball listening to the songs, dancing and playing with all the instruments he brought along (he also brought a bunch of fun toys that they had a great time with as well)...meanwhile his music is an awesome combination of kids music and songs that adults can enjoy too so everyone had a ball. We received a ton of compliments afterwards and I'm hoping at least a few will use Mike for their parties in the future (several asked us for his contact information). His rate was great, communicating with him was super easy and I'm not exaggerating when I say that he truly made our party a success. I have a feeling we'll be contacting him again next year when our son turns 3. Thanks Mike.

                                  Mark - Brooklyn, NY

Mike was amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Mike performed at my daughters first birthday party today. He was so engaging and the kids and adults loved him. He was awesome to work with and very responsible. He brought little instruments for the kids and they loved it! I would highly recommend him for a kids party :)

                                       Becky - Englewood, NJ

Highly Recommend Mike!

August 22, 2016

My wife and I highly recommend Mike. We were first introduced to Mike at our friends daughters birthday party with children in the range of 2 - 5 years old. Mike did an excellent job entertaining the children and the adults were all enjoying themselves as well. Mike brings an assortment of instruments which he uses throughout the party and also brings along props and some instruments for the children to play with.  

We had so much fun at our friends daughters party that we decided to hire Mike for our sons first birthday party which had 13 babies in the one year old range. The party was originally going to be in the park but due to a lot of rain we wound up having the party in our apartment. Although our apartment is not large, Mike was able to entertain the babies as they crawled and played around him. Mike kept the babies entertained for about an hour and a half and the party was a hit.

We have seen Mike entertain a group of 13 babies in the one year old range as well as seen him entertain over 15 children ranging from 2 - 5 years old. He did a great job on both occasions.

                                                                                                                    Jason - NYC

Mike is the Best!!

Mike performed at my daughter's 3rd birthday party. Leading up to the party, he was accommodating, professional, friendly, and the absolute best to deal with in planning. During the party, he made sure that all of our needs and wants were met and was engaging for kids and adults alike. Many party goers commented on his professionalism and the amazing atmosphere that he set for the party. We will definitely be using Mike for another party, for kids or for adults!

                                                                     Aarika - Trumbull, CT

Mike performed for my son's 2nd birthday. He brought a bunch of instruments that the kids could play with and kept them all entertained. He was a pleasure to work with.


                                                                                                           Stefanie - NYC

                                            Made our twin's first birthday extra special

Mike was amazing! He showed up right on time and started playing immediately. The kids (and adults) had so much fun singing along, playing instruments, and dancing . He was so much fun and so wonderful to work with- we want to plan another party just so he can perform again! Thanks Mike for making our twin girls' 1st birthday party so special!

                                                                                                         Jennifer - Garrison, NY

Awesome entertainer!!

We hired Mike for our son's first birthday. Both kids and adults enjoyed his wide range repertoire. I would highly Mike for any type of festivities you're planning. I'm sure we'll ask him to join our parties again.

                                                                                                                            Zoe - New York, NY

5th Birthday Party

Mike arrived to our party in a timely manner and had everything set up well before the party started. The kids were thrilled with his music and it certainly made the atmosphere more lively! Mike also belted out a couple of Indian songs to our delight. He was professional and definitely a good music entertainer. Highly recommend!

                                                                                                                          Sashi - Stamford, CT

Mike is the BEST!

We hired Mike to perform at our son's 2nd birthday party at the end of October. In the weeks leading up to the event, he was quick to reply to emails, incredibly flexible with the types of songs we wanted him to play. On the day of the party, Mike was prompt, professional and set up quickly. My 2 year-old son was mesmerized from the very first chord. He remained in one spot for the duration of the party, singing, dancing, bopping along and playing the wide array of musical instruments Mike brought. Our son was infatuated with each new song and his eyes lit up when Mike showed him how to play the guitar strings. The adults were also entertained during lunch and enjoyed the set of 'other' songs. I highly recommend Mike for any type of party or event - he is wonderful!


                                                                                                                     Julie - RIdgefield, CT

The perfect musician for my 5 year old's party

I watched Mike play at the Red Lion in Manhattan, and someone mentioned he did children's parties as well. My daughter was turning 5 the following week, and we had no real plans for how to entertain 10 children at our house. So we hired Mike. Turned out to be a great decision (with me scoring points with my wife for taking the initiative).
Mike was punctual (in fact early), fitted in immediately with the vibe of the party, and knew how to naturally get started and get everyone involved. The kids LOVED him. There was lots of dancing and singing along, and he was so good-natured even with kids yelling instructions or requests or telling him inane and unrelated stories.
I highly recommend Mike; it's definitely worth the money. My friend told me that parents were saying "what a great party" as they were walking to the elevator to leave.

                                                                                      Daniel - Brooklyn,NY

                         Amazing Performance For Our Preschool Fair

Mike performed at our recent Fall Festival and had children and adults alike gathered around dancing, singing, smiling and tapping their toes. From the minute he started singing, you could see folks asking each other 'who's that singing' and the buzz around the fair was audible. We can't wait to have Mike back again to sing his fun 'kids version' of favorite tunes.

                                                                                                                                   Charlotte - Southport, CT 

                                Friendly.  Kept the Children Tuned In.

I hired Mike to play at a Halloween party for about 40 kids, mostly 2 and 3 years of age. He was very friendly, engaging with the children, and very accommodating. In order to keep the small ones happy, he played some of the big hits more than once. A big success were his drums, that he left on the floor so the kids could play along.
Mike is a sure bet to keep the crowd engaged and having fun. Highly recommend.

                                                                                                                                      Vanessa - NYC

                                               Cecelia's 3rd Birthday

We first encountered Mike at Pete's Tavern in Bronxville a few years back. We loved his set, and so did our daughter. Mike informed us that he also did children's birthday parties. This year our daughter turns 3 and very specifically asked for a "Pink Dance Party." I immediately thought of Mike, and ironically found his card he gave me while cleaning out the random drawer in my kitchen. Just as we remember his musicality and song selections were amazing. The adults at the party thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment, and so did the kids. He mixed in sets of acoustic children's songs and got the kids involved with musical props. We couldn't have been happier with the entertainment! Thank you Mike and can't wait to find a reason to bring you back for more!!

                                                                                                                  Gianna - Somers, NY

Great party performer!

Mike was extremely responsive in the weeks leading up to my son's 1st birthday party, which I really appreciated as I scrambled to pull all of the other pieces together. With so many other variables when planning an outdoor party for infants, I knew from the very beginning that when working with Mike, I would not have to worry about keeping the babies entertained. He arrive early, played music for the adults while we waited for everyone to arrive, and then entertained both the babies and adults for even longer than we had booked him. Mike brought with him a bag of instruments for the babies to play with and had large gathering drums that the babies enjoyed climbing all over. He stayed around to play "Happy Birthday" for my son and really made the day extra special for us and our family and friends. I would not hesitate to hire Mike to play at our next party and you shouldn't either!

                                                                      Melissa - New York

Music Mike was the perfect addition to my twins 2nd birthday party. It was a great gathering of friends and family, and the music was enjoyed by all. The kids were able to sing, dance, and play along with the instruments Mike brought along. He played all of their favorite tunes, along with a few adult favorites. He definitely made this special day a memorable one! Everyone loved Music Mike!

                                                                                            Michelle - Fairfield, CT

Mike played at our son's birthdays party, which was also an outdoor pool party. Everyone commented after the party how lovely Mike's music was. He did a mix for the adults and some favorites for the kids. I highly recommend Mike to anyone. I would love to have him at an adult BBQ. Additionally he was so flexible and very punctual on email when we were coordinating the event. 

                                                                                            Sharon - Greenwich, CT

We really enjoyed having Mike at our son's first birthday party. There were not too many kids but Mike did a great job of entertaining both the children and the adults! Very professional and I would highly recommend him.

                                                                                                          Adam S. - NYC

Music Mike was great. He came with musical instruments that were fun and age appropriate it. He was able to engage the child and staff with both children's music and popular music. Music Mike made our Spring Fling very enjoyable! Thanks again Music Mike! 

                                                                                                Linda C. - Selden, NY

Michael was great to work with from the moment I made contact. He was always very responsive to my emails and we easily finalized the arrangements once he confirmed he was available. And I am so glad that he was because he did a phenomenal job. From the minute he arrived (early, with plenty of time to set up and get settled) he was fabulous - playing a great mix of children's songs and adult music that appealed to everyone (a wide range of ages and to the children as well). He brought lots of fun musical instruments, kept the kids engaged and played for well over two hours (approaching three), with a smile on his face the whole time. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for children's or adult entertainment and look forward to working with him again in the future. 

                                                                                                         Danielle - NYC

Good Times. Mike just played for our 1 year olds birthday "party" and it truly made the day. We were having a small family (mostly adult) gathering and wanted some good tunes for our little music lover. Mike is awesome! An incredible musician, with fantastic energy and a very cool laid back easy going attitude. He transitioned seamlessly into our party and we could have held him captive for hours. Great music, great fun and PERFECT for both the adults who share a common love of the classics and the little ones who like nothing more then seeing the magic of live music. Thank you Mike for making it an unforgettable day.Highly recommend!                            Shari - NYC

We used Michael for our son's first birthday. He was very professional and even played some songs on the phone for my son to hear before the party. We asked him to play some adult music at the beginning and then move onto kiddie songs. Both parents and children enjoyed his music. Great voice and very talented with different instruments. He also put instrents out for the kids to play with. Highly recommend!                           Kara B. - NY                                               

Mini Children's Set @ Chef's Table in Fairfield, CT

This past Thanksgiving weekend, I had lots of time to reflect on what I am truly thankful for.  I am thankful for family, friends, and health, but I am also thankful for the powerful network of mommies we at Fairfield County Moms Blog have created.  Thinking about all that we’ve done this year, it’s not just the mommies that I’m thankful for knowing, it’s also the people who have continuously supported Fairfield County Moms Blog.  One of those special individuals is Michael Cranmer.

“Music Mike”, proud daddy of a 4 year old, has been such a fan of FCMB and we are so lucky to have done some great events with him this past year!  Mike is a musician whose passion is acoustic children’s entertainment.  Mike best expresses that passion through performing at children’s birthday parties, play groups, holiday events, naming ceremonies, etc.  He brings with him an extensive repertoire of musical tunes as well as instruments for the kiddos to shake and tap and dance with.  There’s no better proof of Mike’s passion for entertaining children than watching him get the kids to dance and play with their instruments throughout his performance.

Mike says he loves to entertain children and “illuminate their world” with music and instruments, many that they typically would not previously have been exposed to like a banjo or ukulele.  At our August Musical Play Date with Mike, I loved watching my son jump up on stage with Mike, shaking a tambourine and maracas while dancing his little heart out.  I watched my son and a bunch of other tots enjoy dancing and jamming to acoustic versions of everything from Old McDonald to Yellow Submarine.  Music Mike is a one-of-a-kind entertainer for kids with an enthusiasm and passion that’s heartfelt and truly genuine.  We can’t wait to make music with Mike again soon!

So, Music Mike, we at FCMB are so thankful for YOU and all of the love you’ve shown us this year!We can’t wait to make some music with you again soon!

"We hire Michael to play at a joint first and fortieth birthday party for my daughter and me. I hadn't known what to expect because I hadn't seen Michael perform before. He was wonderful: a pleasure to work with from the beginning. He was very accommodating about timing and requests and very timely in his responses. He was professional and respectful (asking me things about the dress code and the venue -- questions I wouldn't have thought to ask). And well, the key though is the performance. He was a big hit with everyone from the youngest babies to the grandparents. He played everything and kept the kids thoroughly entertained. Folks were raving about him. He also played all three hours of the party at a very reasonable rate. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough."

- Kelly G. New York, NY


Good Vibes + Good Music = Good Times

"A couple of days before my daughter’s 3rd birthday party I was searching online for entertainment. She is very much into the show “The Fresh Beat Band” and is fascinated with instruments of all kinds. We had hired a caricature artist for her first birthday and a specific children’s musician with parachute and bubbles for her second birthday for about 25 adults and her 10 cousins ages 1-12. The music and instruments were a hit but the goofiness, indoor bubbles, and only children’s music coupled with a 2 hour time limit were not. 
I stumbled across Mike Cranmer (Solo Guitarist/Singer who plays children’s songs and various tunes that the adults would enjoy) on Gig Salad. I called him at 10:15PM on a Wednesday. I left a message and he promptly called back within fifteen minutes. 
Mike was easy going and I instantly got a great vibe from him while on the phone. Although I had not heard him sing a note or play an instrument I believed in his ability and trusted him as a person/performer to be in the company of my family and more importantly my 3 year old daughter.
I e-mailed Mike the details of the Party and he gave me a courtesy response to let me know he received it and confirmed he would be there. 
Mike arrived on time with his guitar, banjo, ukulele, and harmonica along with a bag full of shakers, ribbon sticks, and other fun stuff too. Overall the kids seemed very comfortable with him and my daughter who is very hesitant when it comes to strangers warmed up to Mike within minutes after he shared his banjo with her. It was awesome to see her strumming right alongside of him while he played one of her favorite tunes.
As for me and my wife who were running around trying to ensure everything else at the party was going smoothly, we both agreed that it was great to have an excellent mix of music playing at just the right volume during the entire party. 
We will definitely ask him back in the future for other parties and functions. We may have to because my daughter keeps asking when Mike is coming back to play more music with her." 

- Steve K., Edgewater, NJ


"We recently hired Mike to play at a group 4-year-old kids party. There were about 80 people there (40 kids, 40 adults) & Mike was fantastic. He had the kids dancing and shaking shakers. The grown ups were bopping too -- lots of old favorite kid songs, folk songs, Beatles, Guthrie. He kept up a steady energy level so the party never had an awkward lag & the volume was just right-- not too loud for little ears & adults could still talk to each other at normal volumes. Mike has a great rapport with the kids & was on time & professional . Highly recommended!"

- Rose N. - New York, NY